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Belfast Baseball

Visit Northstars: www.belfastbaseball.co.uk

Belfast Northstars 

April 2014

Baseball is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe and the Belfasts Northstars are making strides in progressing the sport here in Ireland. We are proudly protecting their members with official MLB evoshield protective gear.

'The Northstars are proud to be continuing their association with Evoshield Ireland. We constantly look for any edge on the field of play, and the protection that Evoshield offers gives us just that.'  

Mullingar Minotaurs evoshield

Mullingar Minotaurs 

Oct 2013

Mullingar Minotaurs are one of the newest teams to enter into the IAFL in march 2013 after forming in 2012. American football is growing at a fast pace in Ireland and the world famous super bowl is becoming a bank holiday for many sports fans globally. 

Minotaurs Conor Brennan, Quarter back (pictured left) knows only too well that playing one of the toughest sports in the world requires the best protection. This means that "staying in the game" and "evoshield" are now both part of the same sentence. 

If you are from the Irish midlands and would like to hook up with the Minotaurs to give american football a go, you can find them on FB: Mullingar Minotaurs

Meath Bulldogs American Football
Meath Bulldogs, The EvoShield Ireland American Football Team 
The Bulldogs American Football Club, Meath's only American Football Team, are currently playing in the IAFL Division 1. With an ever increasing squad and an enthusiastic Coaching staff the Bulldogs look to make 2013 the year to make their mark. We are proud to announce that the Bulldogs choose to protect their players with evoshield. Steve McDonnell, Wide Receiver says "American Football is not a contact sport, it's a collision sport and coming off an injury, evoshield gave me the protection & confidence to get right back in the game"
If you are interested in playing the countries fastest growing sport and feel that you want a piece of the action, contact the bulldogs by email: meathbulldogs@gmail.com or by using any of the links from the photo on the left. 
Evoshield Ireland Lacrosse 2012 Sponsorship
Evoshield Ireland and Ireland Lacrosse join powers for the E.U Championships 2012. Evoshield Ireland Provide protection for the Irish National Lacrosse Team. 
For more info CLICK HERE
Longford hurler


Sunday 16 June 2013

"Having successfully received a kidney transplant in 2011 I was keen to get back hurling as soon as possible however I was extremely conscious of leaving myself open to an injury on my ribs and the potential effect it could have on my new kidney. Luckily I came across Evoshield.  It offered complete protection and didn't inhibit my performance in any way. I'd happily go in to any tackle now confident that I'm fully protected. I can't speak highly enough of the product and would recommend it to anyone" 

Diarmuid Corcoran, Longford Hurler.

Read the full Story here

Protective Gear For Champions
Dublin's Centre forward and all Ireland Football Championship winner Barry Cahill played through the 2011 all Ireland Final against Kerry with a broken toe. He revealed his exclusive story to the Irish Daily Star just days after winning the final and revealed how he could not have done it without evoshield."I was very fortunate to get the evoshield. Basically , you mould it to the area, wear it under the sock and it provides protection"
JOE.IE Article
David Curtins Evoshield
Evoshield Comes To The Aid Of Curtin

Ballyboden St Endas and Dublin Hurler David Curtin suffered badly bruised ribs in a group game in the Dublin senior hurling championship this year. Before the semi-final David purchased his evoshield rib guards. He captained his team to a win in the semi's and then went on to win the County final in the Dublin SHC 2011. David says " I would not have made it through them two games without my rib guards. I took loads of hits especially in the final and they didnt bother me. You would forget you had them on but the protection they give you is second to none. I wont be going on the field without them"

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Birrilliant Hurlers need Brilliant protection
Rory Hanniffy, voted hurler of the year in 2006 is one of Irelands finest Hurlers. Seen here playing for his club Birr, you can see how he is subject to repeated
whacks across the lower forearm and wrist while trying to protect the Sliotar. 
Last year he suffered a broken wrist due to a chop from a hurl but on his return to action in 2011 he made no mistake in protecting the area most prone to injuries for a skilful hurler like Rory.

Simply The Best
Irish Rugby Hooker Rory Best Damaged a cartilage in his ribs playing for Ulster prior to the six nations campaign of 2011. Rory was doubtful for the opener against Italy on the 5th of Feb but thanks to evoshield he played every game in the six nations and had a massive performance in the final game against England at the Aviva stadium in Dublin on the 14th of April 2011.
Ireland 24 - 8 England.
Captains Choice, Shane Dooley
Offaly Hurling Captain Shane Dooley has taken the right steps and also believes that prevention is better than the cure. He wears the evoshield wrist guards to protect his wrists and to give him more confidence when catching the sliotar. Some of his team mates have been sidelined due to wrist Injuries caused when the mans hand catching the ball meets the man's hurl swinging.


Eric really "Bradley" Hurt 

Wexford football star Eric Bradley wears the A300 rib guard system and has been seen taking some heavy hits in the 2011 championship. Eric suffered two broken ribs in 2010 and now swears by his new evoshield rib guard system. 

Stapleton's Tipp
" I wore the evoshield rib guard system through the whole season after breaking a rib earlier in the year. I played every game for Tipp in the all Ireland championship thanks to the protection evoshield gave me"

Niall Never looked Mac
Offaly football captain Niall McNamee wears the evoshield A300 Rib guard system and says " I Have had my fair share of knocks and bangs but the worst one of all was when I was sickened with a blow to the ribs playing for Offaly last year. I now wear the evoshield rib guards and I am more confident going up for a ball when my ribs are completely exposed but the best thing is that its so light and thin you would barely even know you were wearing it"


Brennan is R'Eddie

Kilkenny Hurling legend Eddie Brennan, 4 time all star winner and 8 time all Ireland champion bruised his wrist at training during the 2011 season and now wears the evoshield spartan wrist guards. Kilkenny were crowned all Ireland hurling champions 2011 for the 8th time since 2000 and the 33rd time in GAA history.

  Rigney Returns Thanks To Evoshield
Offaly hurler James Rigney was recently fitted with a fore arm protector after badly breaking his arm in the Division 1 league opener against Cork. James wasn’t due to return to playing or training due to his injury but thanks to Evoshield he returned for his club Kinnity last Sunday and has returned to Offaly training.

 Offaly Express, Thursday 5 May 2011 11:34

Special Protection For Special Olympic's Hero

Patrick Moore is a prominent soccer star within the special olympics Ireland squad and is representing his Country in Athens 2011. Patrick wears the evoshield shin guards due to their light weight and fully breathable material that uniquely forms to each of his legs for maximum comfort and protection.
(Patrick captained the Irish Team and won gold in Athens 2011, congratulations)
Bergin, the Spartan Warrior

Offalys full forward Joe Bergin seen here wearing the black spartan wrist guards against Dublin in the 2011 hurling championship at Croke Park. Bergin is seen on a regularly basis wearing his evoshield with his club Seir Kieran.

The Power to Keep going
I badly broke both bones of my fore arm at the start of last year with my club Carrigtwohill and was told I would be out for the season. 
After five months I purchased the evoshield customised forearm guard and the compression arm sleeve. As it can be moulded onto the arm it fitted perfectly and gave unbeatable protection and gave me the confidence to return to training. 
Within a month I was back playing and part of the Carrigtwohill team to win its first senior club championship in Cork in 93 years and participate in the Munster club Championship. It is light weight, highly durable and impact resistant.
It is so comfortable you do not realise you are wearing it from day one. I would highly recommend this guard to anyone who has suffered a fore arm break and wish to return to sport with full confidence knowing they are fully protected.
Ronan Power, Cork ....See other reviews here

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