Evoshield Ireland is the supplier of EvoShield "protective gear for elite performance" in Ireland, United Kingdom & Europe.

* No added import vat or duty charges when purchasing within the EU *


Compression baselayer shorts
Evoshield Compression Shorts 
Special Offer 
ONLY €24.99 
sports sweat wrist bands
EvoShield Performance EvoCotton 
Sweat Bands 
ONLY €7.99  
New American football Vest
Hybrid pro Evoshield Ireland
Girdle and pads
Protective compression sleeve
Evoshield Base layer Shorts

NEW! evoshield Compression Shorts with sliding pads and removable cup. Our Price  €39.99

Evoshield Baseball Gloves
NEW! evoshield protective B.G's with leading hand protective shield  €59.99 
Evoshield Wrist Strap
 NEW! evoshield Wrist/strap
Our Price €24.99
Evoshield Forearm Guard
NEW! evoshield upper forearm guard : €24.99
Evoshield Rib Protection
evoshield Protective Rib Shirt
Our Price: €99.99
Evoshield Chest Back Rib Guards
evoshield Chest/Rib & Back
Our price: €99.99
Evoshield Female Chest Guards
Female Chest/Rib & Back
Racerback Our Price: €99.99
Shooting Recoil Vest
evoshield Shooting recoil shirt
Our Price: €79.99
Evoshield Wrist Guards
Protective Wrist Guards   
Our Price: €24.99
Evoshield Wrist Strap
evoshield Wrist With Strap
Available 2012 
Evoshield Compression Arm Sleeve
Compression Arm Sleeve
Our Price: €18.99
Evoshield Protective Arm Sleeve
evoshield Attack Arm Guard
Our Price:
Evoshield Thumb Guard
Hourglass Multi-format Guard
Our Price: €21.99
Evoshield Elbow Guard
Protective Elbow Guard
Our Price: €44.99
Evoshield Slash Guards
Wrist Slash Guards
Our Price: €39.99 (pair)
Evoshield Baseball Starter Pack
Baseball Pack
Our Price: €75
Evoshield Custom Shin Guards
 International Shin
Guards from: €29.99
Evoshield Thigh Guards
Protective Thigh Guards
Our Price: €29.99
Leg and Foot Guard
Batters Leg and Foot Guard
Our Price: €54.99
Toe and Foot Guard
Oval Multi-Use Guard
Our Price: €21.99
Performance Gym Tops
3/4 length Performance Shirt
Our Price: €29.99
Performance Gym Shirt
evoshield Performance TShirt
Out of Stock
Evoshield Truckers Cap
evoshield Baseball Cap
Out of Stock
Wrist Shield
Wrist Shield Multi-use
Our Price: €12.00
evoshield Rib Shirt

Our Price : €40.00

evoshield chest shirt

Our Price : €44.00

female chest vest

Our Price : €44.00

Shooting Recoil Pad

Recoil Pad- Our Price: €35.00 



If You wish to discuss customising evoshield protection for a specific need please contact: Anthony 00353 (0) 87 7999743 or Email:  sales@evoshield-ireland.com