Evoshield Ireland is the supplier of EvoShield "protective gear for elite performance" in Ireland, United Kingdom & Europe.

* No added import vat or duty charges when purchasing within the EU *


Compression Under Shorts

Hurling Base layer compression shorts

Protective Compression Shorts with Sliding Pads & Removable Cup.



Evoshield Compression shorts

Compression Shorts

Light Feel // Comfort fit


Wrist & Lower Fore-Arm Protection & Supports

Hurling wrist guard

Evoshield Wrist Guard. (Club colours)


Hurling Wrist guards

Evoshield Slash guard pair. (Club colours) 


wrist stabilizing support

Evoshield Wrist Support with Front and Back Steel Stabilizing Supports


Hurling Wrist Support Strap

Evoshield Wrist support with compression Strap (Club colours)


Upper Body Protection

Chest and Heart Protector

Chest & Back Protective Baselayer Vest



Hurling Rib Guards

Rib Guard Protective Baselayer Top



Female chest and back guard

Female Chest & Back Protective Baselayer Racerback Vest



Arm Protection and Compression

Hurling forearm guard

Slimline Protective Fore Arm guard


Compression Arm sleeves

Compression Arm Sleeve



Arm Sports Protection

NanoCell Protective Arm Sleeve


Protective Thumb Guards

Hurling Thumb guards

Small protective Thumb guard


Thumb support

Large Protective Thumb guard


Foot & Shin Protection

Foot Guard

Muliti Use Multiformat Guard


Hockey Shin guards

Evoshield Shin guards

Thinner, Lighter and Tougher than all the rest.

Permanently Moulds to any shin for a Personal Custom fit

ONLY €29.99

Whether you are returning from an injury or just a player who wants to protect an exposed area from injury, Evoshield will revolutionise the way you preform. The Evoshield protective system is so light and thin you will barley even know you are wearing it and with its (dsp) shock dispersion technology it will protect you from impact like no other protective gear in the world
"THINNER/LIGHTER/STRONGER. The most technologically advanced and comfortable protective Gear Available in the Market today"

Questions ? Contact Us.  Email: sales@evoshield-ireland.com  Ph:00353 (0) 877999743 . Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm