Evoshield Ireland is the supplier of EvoShield "protective gear for elite performance" in Ireland, United Kingdom & Europe.

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Evoshield custom services are based in the U.S. It generally take 2-3 weeks for evoshield to design and create a 
customised garment

Evoshield Ireland is authorised to process custom orders for evoshield. Evoshield Ireland is not directly affiliated with 
evoshield LLC. 

If you wish for us to request a quotation for a specific 
modification, please email: sales@evoshield-ireland.com or Phone 00353 (0) 87 7999743

EvoShield Custom needs was founded to provide individuals who have been burdened by injuries or medical difficulties with 
custom protection that allows each of them to return to their active everyday lives.

EvoShield features a revolutionary Gel-to-Shell Technology that truly custom forms to each individual’s body. When the soft, pliable Shields are removed from the foil bag, they react with air and begin to harden, taking the shape of that individual. 

Once hardened, EvoShield’s protective Shields disperse the force of impact rather than absorbing it like outdated foam and plastic protection. Secondly, Evoshield will work with each individual to provide a custom tailored solution that fits his or her particular need. 

Evoshields dispersion technology allows EvoShield to minimize the bulkiness of traditional protection without sacrificing the protective benefits.  

This ultra-light and comfortable protection can be worn every day


Kidney transplant protection

August 2011

My son Jack was born with kidney failure. He had his 2 kidneys removed in the first 6 months of life and was put on dialysis for 2 years. My Wife Cassandra donated her kidney to jack, which had to be located in his abdomen when Jack was 2 1/2 years old. 

Jack is 8 years old now and doing brilliantly. He is obsessed with sports mainly gaelic football and soccer. His doctor has told him he must wear protective padding for any contact sports. Jack plays for the under 10 Navan O'Mahonys team and has found the custom fitted evoshield guard to provide the perfect protection for his abdomen and chest area.

Thanks for all your help

Regards, Wayne, Navan, Co Meath. 


COST: €165 + p&p

  • Each shirt uses evoshields custom forming Gel to Shelltm pads, which provide an unprecedented level of protection.
  • Each shirt is custom made to the wearer’s specific measurements.
  • Each shirt is made from comfortable compression material.


Custom services are based in the U.S.  If you wish for us to request a quotation for a specific modification, we will be happy to assist you.
please email: evoshieldireland@gmail.com or Phone 00353 (0) 87 7999743
Evoshield Ireland is an authorised evoshield Dealer and do not manufacture evoshields products. 
The following is the Evoshield LLC disclaimer for custom orders:
Disclaimer: At EvoShield we are known to offer excellent protection, however we are not Doctors. 
Therefore we always recommend that you consult with your physician for suggestions on how and where your protection is 
located and if this is the correct protection for your circumstance.

Warranty: Due to the customization of our products to the customer’s specifications.  
All sales of EvoShield Custom products are final, no refunds, exchanges or cancellations will be accepted.
EvoShield stands behind every product we sell.  We are committed to improving the performance and protection of athletes.  
Our mission is to offer our athletes the highest quality protective equipment available and provide the best service possible.
Evoshield Ireland Email: evoshield ireland@gmail.com Ph: 00353 87 7999743