Evoshield Ireland is the supplier of EvoShield "protective gear for elite performance" in Ireland, United Kingdom & Europe.

* No added import vat or duty charges when purchasing within the EU *

For Team Ordering Any Where in Europe  Email: sales@evoshield-ireland.com
Official MLB Europe
For Team Ordering and pre-ordering special colours Contact Us:    Ph: 00353 (0) 87 7999743   F: 046 9737245   Email: sales@evoshield-ireland.com
Evoshield Chest/Rib & Back:  €99.99
Evoshield Batters Leg Guard:€54.99
Sliding Wrist Guard: €40
Compression Arm Sleeve:  €18.99
evoshield Wrist w/strap
:  €24.99
ProStyle Protective Batting Gloves:  €50
Protective Wrist Guard:  €24.99
Evoshield Elbow Guard:  €44.99
Compression Baseball Sliders w/cup : €39.99
evoshield Multiformats:  €21.99
Evoshield Baseball Catchers Thumb Guard:  €21.99
evoshield Slash Guard (Pair) Our Price:  €39.99
Teams Using evoshield


Arizona Diamondbacks     

Atlanta Braves

Baltimore Orioles      

Boston Red Sox

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox         

Cincinnati Reds    

Cleveland Indians     

Colorado Rockies        

Detroit Tigers 

Florida Marlins           

Houston Astros     

Kansas City Royals  

Los Angeles Angels   

Washington Nationals

Los Angeles Dodgers

Milwaukee Brewers        

Minnesota Twins      

New York Mets     

New York Yankees      

Oakland Athletics

Philadelphia Phillies   

Pittsburgh Pirates   

San Diego Padres      

Seattle Mariners       

San Francisco Giants

St. Louis Cardinals       

Tampa Bay Rays       

Texas Rangers     

Toronto Blue Jays 


Arizona State

Arkansas State University

Auburn University                          

Baylor University

Boston College                               


Cal State Northridge                      

Cal State Fullerton

Clemson University                        

Coastal Carolina

College of Charleston                     


East Carolina                                   

Florida State University

George Washington                        

Georgia State

Georgia Tech                                   

Indiana University

North Carolina State University     

Kansas State University 

Kennesaw State                            

Kent State


Long Beach State

Louisiana State University              


University of South Carolina

University of Tennessee                    

University of Texas

University of Virginia                         

University of Washington

Virginia Tech                                      

Wake Forest University

Washington State                              

West Virginia University

Vanderbilt University                        

Western Kentucky




Ohio State University

Oklahoma State University             

Oregon State


Purdue University


Rutgers University 

San Francisco                                 

Southern Miss


St. John's University

St. Louis                                            

Syracuse University

Texas A&M University                      

Texas Christian University

Texas Tech University                      


University of Arizona                        

University of Alabama


University of Arkansas                     

University of Connecticut

University of Florida                         

University of Georgia

University of Hawaiʻi at Mânoa        

University of Illinois

University of Kansas                         

University of Kentucky

University of Louisville                     

University of Miami

University of Michigan                      

University of Missouri

University of Notre Dame                 

University of North Carolina

University of Oklahoma                    

University of Oregon

University of Pittsburgh                    

Wichita State     

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